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Blessings of the intense kind

Brahmanandam_Son_Gautham_Wedding_Stillsf2091913e0339ae402d523bb0cb0251c 2It is only after so many years that I was struck by the intensity of blessings in Vedic wedding ceremonies. I always knew vaguely that the mantras being chanted were evoking blessings for the couple. But now, with my heightened interest in Sanskrit, I realised that the Mahasankalpa must be the most concentrated desire for the happy union of man and woman that has ever been expressed. A hush fell on me when I became aware that the mantras were calling out to the entire universe with its galaxies, stars, constellations, to every single devta and devi, to all the elements of nature, to all the mighty rivers and mountains on Earth, to all the major cities, and what’s more, I even heard the names of countries like Nepal, Lanka (Sri Lanka), Gandhara (Afghanistan) and Kambhoja (Cambodia) being called out to witness the wedding and bless the couple. The entire geography of  Greater India was invoked. Three generations of ancestors were called out by name to watch the wedding and shower blessings. Even the yet unborn-future generations were evoked. It was awe-inspiring poetry. The magnificent significance of marriage is presented in all its acoustic glory in the Vedic ceremony.

No wonder, divorce is not an option in the Hindu scheme of things. 🙂 Honestly, if Hindus understood all these shlokas/mantras, they would enter into marriage with a great sense of responsibility and cherish the bond intensely. No legal contract can be more binding or powerful.

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