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How Hinduphobia Rears Familiar Head In American Academia


Every community has had to struggle against prejudice and bias that gets entrenched in institutions, and masquerades for a time as the truth – the Jewish community has had to fight for respect and legitimacy. Women have had to fight it. In the early days even Catholics had to fight for this in America.

Intellectual freedom of the academia is essential for the progress of society. That freedom was intrinsic to ancient India. What we are witnessing today is a domination of academia by etic voices, especially with regard to Hinduism. It is high time the voices of traditional scholars with an emic perspective were included. Pluralism is integral to freedom.

The latest clampdown by a blatantly Hinduphobic American academia has made it imperative for all those who stand for justice to join hands and collaborate. There is a need to speak in one voice against the biased dominant academic consensus.

Read more at: http://swarajyamag.com/ideas/how-hinduphobia-rears-familiar-head-in-american-academia

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