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Book Review: The Educational Heritage of Ancient India – How an Ecosystem of Learning Was Laid to Waste

Republished from India Facts   In her book, The Educational Heritage of Ancient India – How an Ecosystem of Learning Was Laid to Waste, Sahana Singh shakes the dust off … Continue reading

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From ancient centre of learning to Ivy League of Terrorism

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Discovering Myanmar

Myanmar was a total revelation to me. I did not expect to find such a beautiful country steeped in Indic traditions. From the clothes people wore to their spirit of … Continue reading

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Why is the world so obsessed with India’s caste system?

  There is an obsessive tendency to project the caste system as a form of social exclusivism found only in India. Clearly, not enough attention is being directed to the … Continue reading

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Blessings of the intense kind

It is only after so many years that I was struck by the intensity of blessings in Vedic wedding ceremonies. I always knew vaguely that the mantras being chanted were … Continue reading

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How Hinduphobia Rears Familiar Head In American Academia

Every community has had to struggle against prejudice and bias that gets entrenched in institutions, and masquerades for a time as the truth – the Jewish community has had to … Continue reading

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Skimpy dressing was common in ancient India

Those who think Indian women are copying the west in dressing skimpily know zilch about history. Travellers to India in ancient and medieval times were struck by the fact that … Continue reading

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Guns, sex, arrogance: I hated everything about America until I moved here


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No coercion in Hinduism

The following final verse from the Bhagwad Gita is what my mother often quoted to emphasise the freedom of thought that is inherent to Hindu philosophy. There is no coercion, no compulsion, … Continue reading

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I love Afghanistan but cannot live there

I’ve often had deep, insightful conversations with cab drivers. One such was in London earlier this month. He was speaking on the phone in a tongue that sounded very familiar. … Continue reading

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