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When It Felt Good To Be A Hindu


“Oh I am not a temple goer.”

“I only visit temples if they have some history.”

“I only go to temples when there is nice dinner served.”

This was me until just a few years ago. In my childhood, I have trudged to Tirupati for darshan but not been enthused. I have shot down every plan to visit Vaishnodevi and Kedarnath. But I’ve happily gone to Nainital, Darjeeling and Ooty.

Yet, I visited 9 temples yesterday and stayed up the whole night of Mahashivratri, that too in Singapore.

And I am asking myself how did this happen?

I think it started when Indian history became more than just an interesting subject. I always knew there was something dishonest about the historical narratives we learned at school, which varied drastically from what our families knew. As I delved deeper into history, temples assumed greater significance for me, but only ancient temples – which had historical value. Read full article on MyIndMakers website.

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