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Thailand’s King Passes Away – Leaves a Void in People’s Hearts


Thailand’s King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the world’s longest-ruling monarch (1946-2016) is no more. He was no ordinary king. A fine inventor and innovator, he deployed many of his inventions for development. The King owned over 20 patents and 19 trademarks, most of which are tools and techniques for rural development projects. In order to counter drought in his country, which was crippling farmers, he spent years researching cloud-seeing techniques and used his own money to launch the ‘Royal Rainmaking Project’. His ‘Super Sandwich’ technique of cloud seeding not only got him a European patent and scores of international awards but earned him the epithet of “Father of Royal Rain-Making” from his subjects who loved him dearly. Last year, Australia’s Queensland requested Thailand to share this rain-making technology to counter its drought and collaboration between Thailand and Australia was started. Other countries that have benefited from the Thailand King’s sustainability technologies are Laos and Lesotho. Read full article at MyIndMakers website.

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