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Skimpy dressing was common in ancient India

Those who think Indian women are copying the west in dressing skimpily know zilch about history. Travellers to India in ancient and medieval times were struck by the fact that both men and women hardly covered their bodies except for the lower vital parts. Both men and women went almost bare-breasted, except for an uttariya loosely worn around the torso. In addition, women were also known to sometimes tie another cloth tightly around their breasts like we have seen in Amar Chitra Katha comics. They of course, wore plenty of jewelry too.


Hindu society challenged the austere morality of both Islam and Christianity. Mind you, these were urban, mainstream folks not some marginal tribes who are often called “uncivilized”. It is only under Muslim rule that Hindu women began covering up. In North India, they even began covering their heads, which the women in the South did not follow. For most part of Indian history, Hindu men and women wore clothing that was neither cut nor sewed. The saree, dhoti and lungi are such clothes that have still survived but under Muslim and Christian influence, they are worn along with the tailored kurtas and blouses.

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    March 16, 2016

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